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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 00:00

Pay It Forward: Alumna Chiedza Gives Back

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Pay It Forward: Alumna Chiedza Gives Back

”If it is God’s will, I just want to keep doing this, sharing songs, and raising money for scholarships.” – Chiedza Musipa


On September 6, 2015, Chiedza Musipa, our alumna, had a concert at the Kiti-Tasanee auditorium. Her concert, entitled “Passion 4 God,” was organized to ignite passion for God in the hearts of the audience, and to raise scholarship funds to help students of Adventist International Mission School (AIMS) and Asia-Pacific International University.

Chiedza mentioned that she had the desire to sing and share God for a long time. “I have always had songs in my heart,” said Chiedza, “Way before the concert, I knew that I had to share my songs with the world.”

The idea of a concert had tugged on Chiedza’s mind on multiple occasions before, but it wasn’t until this year that she was able to make it happen. Many people, like Chiedza’s mother, Dr. Ted Chew, Pastor Robert Agustin, her guitar teacher, inspired her to move forward with the plan to have a concert.

The songs presented during the concert were closely related to the title of the concert, but it was more than just sharing the joy of serving a wonderful God. The funds raised from the concert tickets went to helping students who had financial needs.

Chiedza understands the financial challenges that students can face. “I went through financial troubles when I was studying,” she said,” but I made it through with the support of many people. So now that I am able, I want to do something to help those who are in financial need.”

With the help of numerous supporters and other performers, Chiedza was obtained a considerable amount of funds, which was given to AIMS and Asia-Pacific for student scholarships.

Chiedza expressed,“I feel like God allowed me to go through financial struggles so that now I can understand and help those who face similar challenges.”

“Passion 4 God” is only the first of many concerts that Chiedza is hoping to have. She is already planning another concert in Bangkok for March 2016.

”If it is God’s will, I just want to keep doing this, sharing songs, and raising money for scholarships.” Chiedza said, “If it is possible, I want have concerts in other countries around the world too. I want to pay forward the kindness that was shown to me by many people, and give back the care that was given to me.”

Chiedza continues to compose songs and encourage others to sing to God constantly.

She said, “Singing doesn't require a stage. You can sing to God anywhere you are.”

We hope Chiedza is able to continue to find success in the plans she has made. Asia-Pacific International is always happy to see its alumni achieve their goals, and hopes to hear more success stories from its alumni all over the world.

Passion for God: Alumni Chiedza’s Premiere Concert in APIU

Passion for God

Chiedza Musipa, an alumni with a BS in Biology, brought her enthusiasm and music to Asia-Pacific International University and held a concert entitled “Passion for God.”

A diverse variety of music genres were presented, but each song centered around . Most of the songs that Chiedza performed were original songs which she composed. Teacher Rojean from the Adventist International Mission School, the emcee of the program, said that Chiedza has over 80 songs, but only performed 7 songs of the large collection.

The concert featured other singers and performers such as Sihle Papu, Daniel Chit, Sawang Suwiboonsup, Singangkan Surachai, Rotmer Cerezo Lubay, Mr. Karlton Keller, Mr. Daron Loo, and 10 Thai dancers. Everyone did a great job in making a successful and enjoyable concert.

At the end of the program Chiedza expressed her thankfulness for God’s help and the support of everyone at the concert.

“I thank God for making the concert happen!” said Chiedza, “I would like to thank everyone who supported the concert. Thanks to my dancers, instrumentalists, guest musicians. God bless you! God is great! This was one of the best nights of my life.”

Chiedza graduated from our university with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and is currently pursuing her MEd in Curriculum & Instruction here at APIU. We continually hope that God continues to be with Chiedza and use her as a channel of His blessings to people.

Friday, 11 September 2015 00:00

2015 Anti-Drug Football League

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2015 Anti-Drug Football League

2015 Football League

Eight football teams gathered at the Student Center building on Sunday, September 6, 2015, to commence the 2015 Anti-drug Football League. Football continues to be the most prominent sport among the university students, faculty, and staff. The bleachers slowly filled up with eager fans and the excitement steadily grew as well. For the next couple of weeks, the avid fans and supporters can expect fun and entertaining football matches on the weekends.

In past years, the different football teams had a tendency to be formed by people of the same culture. This year, Dr. Bordes Henry Saturne and Ajarn Thirat Somphan encouraged the teams to be more culturally diverse to develop a stronger bond between the many nationalities represented by our students. The Student Council (SC) team did a good job organizing the games last year, but the team did their best to make the matches even better this year.

“No complaints this year,” said ‘Noni’ Jeremias Henriques; “The organization of the matches and the schedules have been done well. The referees and officials for each match were chosen well too.”

Jenjira Velasquez, the SC Vice-President, believes that the football league benefits the students in many ways.

She said, “The event can help them learn to use their time wisely, work in teams, and make new friends. These things they learn have the potential to affect their academic performance in a positive way too.”

The league games this year are partially sponsored by the Thai government to promote drug awareness among the students of Asia-Pacific International University. The government and the University share the same interest on increasing drug awareness and reducing drug use in the community. The Adventist education system encourages a holistic development of students. Participating in sports and staying away from drugs is an excellent place to start healthier lifestyles.

We hope that everyone enjoys participating in the upcoming football matches and continues to live healthy.

Thursday, 10 September 2015 00:00

Festival of Faith - What a Friend We Have in Jesus

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2015 FOF1 Widescreen Announcement

Festival of Faith I – Sept 14-18, 2015

Theme: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
Speaker: Pr. Simon Siew, Director of Youth Ministries, Communication, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, Southeast Asian Union Mission

Originally from Malaysia (now a permanent resident of Singapore), Pastor Simon Siew Che Hua is is the Youth Ministries, Communication, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director of the Southeast Asia Union Mission. Pastor Simon is closely connected to our institution as he graduated from Southeast Asia Union College (part of the Asia-Pacific International University heritage) in 1978.

Pastor Simon is very passionate to work with young people, especially when it comes to leading them to a relationship with Jesus. “Seeing them commit their lives to Him, and the greatest joy of all is to see them growing in His grace to become like Him.”


Please note carefully the altered class timetable that will operate during Festival of Faith I from September 14-18, 2015.  Faculty are expected to end the class on time.

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the morning class periods will be shortened by 10 minutes and the break between classes will be abbreviated to 5 minutes instead of the usual 10 minutes.  The timetable is as follows:

Class Period    Time
Period 1    08:00 – 08:40 am
Meeting FOF    08:45 – 09:35 am
Period 2    09:40 – 10:20 am
Period 3    10:25 – 11:05 am
Period 4    11:10 – 11:50 am

  •     Wednesday class timetable will not be affected and will operate as normal. FOF will meet at 09:00 am to 09:50 am (Chapel Period)
  •     The afternoon class timetable will not be affected and will operate as normal.
  •     The morning meetings will be held in the Kiti Tassanee Auditorium from 08:45 am to 09:35 am except Wednesday.
  •     The evening meetings will be held in the Kiti Tassanee Auditorium from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday.



ในระหว่างวันที่14-18 กันยายน 2558 ซึ่งเป็นสัปดาห์สร้างเสริมคุณธรรมและจริยธรรม ได้มีการเปลี่ยนแปลงเวลาเรียนใหม่ ดังนั้นจึงใคร่ขอความกรุณาจากอาจารย์ผู้สอนทุกท่านได้เริ่มและเลิกชั้นเรียนให้ตรงตามเวลาที่กำหนด ดังต่อไปนี้

  • วันจันทร์ วันอังคาร วันพฤหัสบดีและวันศุกร์ เฉพาะชั้นเรียนในช่วงเช้า กำหนดให้มีเวลาเรียนน้อยกว่าปกติ 10 นาทีต่อคาบเรียน และมีเวลาพักระหว่างคาบเรียน 5 นาทีเท่านั้น ซึ่งเวลาเรียนของแต่ละคาบกำหนดไว้ดังนี้

คาบเรียนที่    เวลา
คาบเรียนที่ 1    08:00 – 08:40 น.
สัปดาห์สร้างเสริมคุณธรรมและจริยธรรม    08:45 – 09:35 น.
คาบเรียนที่ 2    09:40 – 10:20 น.
คาบเรียนที่ 3    10:25 – 11:05 น.
คาบเรียนที่ 4    11:10 – 11:50 น.

  • วันพุธ ให้ใช้เวลาเรียนตามปกติ ซึ่งชั่วโมงนมัสการจะใช้ชั่วโมงประชุมนักศึกษาเวลา 09:00 – 09:50 น.
  • ชั้นเรียนในช่วงบ่ายของทุกวัน ให้ใช้เวลาเรียนตามปกติ
  • ชั่วโมงนมัสการในวันจันทร์ วันอังคาร วันพฤหัสบดีและวันศุกร์ ช่วงเช้า เวลา 8:45 - 9:35 น. ณ หอประชุมกิตติ-ทัศนีย์
  • ชั่วโมงนมัสการในวันจันทร์ถึงวันศุกร์ ช่วงเย็น เวลา 19:00 - 20:00 น. ณ หอประชุมกิตติ-ทัศนีย์
Monday, 07 September 2015 00:00

Wai Kru Chapel

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Wai Kru Chapel

"Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges." - Joyce Meyer

Teachers Day 2015

Teachers play an important role in any educational institution and in the lives of the students they teach. In Thailand, students express their gratitude and respect for teachers at the very beginning of the school year.

The chapel program on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, was devoted to showing gratitude and respect to the teachers of Asia-Pacific International University. There was a touching Thai video that told the true story of a medical instructor who positively influenced his students. Our university students also compiled a video thanking our teachers. It is customary for Thai students to dance during the Kai Kru Ceremony, so a small group of nursing students performed a wonderful dance. Pimpa Pitchaya-adison, an Applied Theology student, and Dr. Siriporn, President Emeritus, respectively gave speeches that expressed thanks to teachers for their service and guidance in education.

Student representatives presented flowers arranged on phan, traditional Thai pedestalled trays, to the teachers representing the different departments of our university. Some students were provided with special garlands which they gave to the other teachers and expressed their appreciation.

Teachers are special and important in any society. In the Thai society, teachers are like second parents to their students. May we never forget our teachers who have dedicated their lives to help us grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Monday, 07 September 2015 00:00

PraiseHimN Choir Club in Sarawak, Malaysia

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PraiseHimN Choir Club in Sarawak, Malaysia

DHC Sarawak

The PraiseHIMn Club, also known as the Divine Heritage Chorale, held a two-week ternary evangelism tour in Sarawak, Malaysia from July 3-18, 2015. The ternary evangelism comprised of preaching, singing, and health screenings. The singing group enthusiastically went to more than 20 churches and schools in Kuching and Serian to evangelize to as many people as possible.

The two weeks were very busy, but the group persisted through their fatigue. They went out of their comfort zones to encourage people’s faith wherever they went. More than anything the Divine Heritage Choir wanted more people to know about God and His love for everyone. There were very few days without appointments; some days the group had 2 to 3 appointments. Despite the busyness, each group member was very happy to have a part in the ministry.

Mark Darwin Gandaib, a tenor member from the Faculty of Religious Studies, said that he was pleased to have been part of the group in sharing God with everyone they met.

“Personally, it was a tremendous blessing for me to witness in public settings,” said Mark. “I acknowledge and give praise to God. His unfailing support for the Divine Heritage Chorale encouraged us as we witnessed to the people of Sarawak.”

Kelvin Liew, an Accounting student who recently joined the group, said, “The trip had its ups and downs. It was tiring but fulfilling. Some members fell ill, but God was with us and guided us all through the trip. We didn't have much free time, but seeing the smiles and gratitude of the people we visited was more fulfilling than sightseeing.”

The group initially began as a small group of Malaysian song leaders. Over the past few years, the group has grown in size, and its members are more diverse. As some members graduate and leave the group, more have joined.

Originally, the club aimed to serve others and spread the gospel through song, but after joining with the Divine Heritage ministry, the aim developed to include preaching the gospel and promoting the Adventist health message.

The group remains enthusiastic and is already planning other evangelistic trips. Divine Heritage Chorale will continue to joyfully fulfill the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV), “to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything He has commanded.”

“To me the choir is not a just a choir, or a group of friends; it actually feels like a family,” said Kelvin. “We are still a young group, and we still have plenty of room to improve. I strongly believe that we all want to spread God's Word into all the world. I know that God smiles when His children sing and share the gospel to the rich and poor, healthy and sick, young and old.”

Friday, 04 September 2015 00:00

Week in Pictures

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WallaWalla PrPedrito Aug30

Thanks to Banthita Thongnum, Tony Sala, Veravich Wuttikaithanapong, Caleb William Andrews and Pr. Pedrito Maynard-Reid and the Walla Wall University group for sharing pics!

Tag your photos with #myasiapacific for a chance to be featured in next week. Follow us on Instagram @myasiapacific

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Monday, 31 August 2015 00:00

Mother's Day Chapel Program

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Mother's Day Chapel Program

Mothers Day

Mothers will always have a special place in the hearts of their children. Mother's Day in Thailand is cerebrated on August 12, HRH Queen Sirikit's birthday. Thailand honors the queen and mothers throughout the country for their love and care. On August 26, 2015, The university chapel program was dedicated to honor mothers.

The program included presentations, speeches and songs to celebrate mothers. After a special dance item by a group of vibrantly dressed Thai girls, business accounting student “Rain” Parinya Janrawangyot presented a speech thanking mothers for the support and love they show their children. Dr. Bienvisa Nebres, from the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, also gave a short speech about the joys of being a mother. Biology student Sihle Papu performed an original song for his mother and mothers everywhere.

This year the Student Council held a photo contest for Mother’s Day. Students would post photos and captions on Facebook thanking their mothers. The photo submissions with the most likes won prizes. Business student “Rin” Pham Nguyet Thao won first place with 129 likes on her submission.

God tells us to “honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you (Exodus 20:12).” Take time today to say “Thank you” to your parents.

Welcome Back Party 2015

August 27 1

Asia-Pacific International University continued to make sure that the freshmen students felt at home with the help from the Student Council team, faculty, and staff.
The freshmen students were welcomed at the first Friday vespers program of the school year and at the special Saturday evening program on August 15, 2015. These programs were organized to help freshmen students be better acquainted among themselves and feel at home on campus. But the university did not stop the reception there. On Sunday, August 23, 2015, there were more programs organized by the Student Administration (SA) Office and the Student Council (SC) team to welcome everyone to our campus.
In the morning, freshmen students got together with university faculty to have worship together. Some senior students joined in welcoming the students as well. The staff shared some spiritual thoughts, everyone enjoyed a meal together before playing group games.
At the Welcome Back Party in the evening, the University welcomed all new and returning students with food, fun and games. More than 500 students, faculty, and friends participated in the event. Student Council President "Daniel" New Yik Shen said, “The numbers of attendees was very encouraging for the SC team. We were happy to organize the program for everyone. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and create a stronger bond among our students and faculty. The SC team wants everyone to have happy memories of this school year. Day to day events fade over time, but memories remain longer.”
Many students took the opportunity to take photos with the colorful balloons that formed an entrance to the party. There was plenty of singing, eating, chatting, laughing, and photo taking throughout the evening.
“We were all relieved that everything went smoothly,” said Daniel, “We hope that our upcoming events such as, Wai Kru Day, Football League, and Sports Days, will be just as fun and interesting. We hope this year will be memorable for all students.”

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