Convocation 2016

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    Convocation 2016

    Linda Lagason, English, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

    The Convocation Service was held at Kiti-Tasanee auditorium on Wednesday, August 17, to officially mark the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic year. The packed floor and balcony of the auditorium witnessed the awe inspiring march of lecturers, staff and administrators onto the stage. Resplendent in their regalia, the faculty represented 79 different universities and 25 different countries.

    Mr. Damrong Sattayawaksakul, the university’s newly appointed Vice President of Academic Administration, introduced the faculty members and noted that the university now employs 104 faculty members in both teaching and support positions either in the Muak Lek main campus or in Bangkok.

    Jay Lawrence, president of the Student Council, noted in his report that there are 1,102 students currently enrolled in AIU coming from 37 countries. The newest additions to the countries represented include Cameroon, Bulgaria, Mexico and Finland.

    University president Dr. Danny Rantung congratulated new and returning students for choosing AIU as their home and expressed his hopes that they become individuals who are fascinated with knowledge. ‘Perseverance’, he noted, was what separates successful individuals from their lesser peers. “Whatever it is, keep fighting, keep moving on and don’t give up!” He challenged students and faculty alike as he welcomed them into the new academic year of 2016-2017.

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