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Maggy Pariani graduated from the Bangkok Sanitarium & Hospital School of Nursing (an institution that is now part of Asia-Pacific International University) in 1973 as a registered nurse before moving to the US for most of her career. In 2007, she moved back to Thailand, where she built a lovely home in Muak Lek, near the main campus of Asia-Pacific International University, her alma mater.

In gratitude for how God has guided her life and brought her to enjoy the beauties of Thailand and its people for the past eight years since her retirement, she has given her home to the University.

Asia-Pacific International University is grateful to Maggy for her commitment to higher Christian education. Gifts in memory of Maggy can be directed to a scholarship fund established in her honor.

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Maggy Pariani Gifted Her Home

Many alumni give back to the schools that have helped them become who they are today. But, for Maggy Pariani, her gift came from the heart. Pariani chose to gift her home to Asia-Pacific International University.

When she was a little girl, Maggy had the dream of becoming a nurse. Though her family wasn't rich, they were rich in faith. God made a way for her to be sponsored through the Penang Adventist Hospital and come study in Bangkok, Thailand (currently the Mission Faculty of Nursing). Getting through school and achieving her dream of becoming a nurse, Maggy never forgot her sponsorship. She helped sponsor several students throughout her career.

Maggy Pariani led a successful nursing career, working in Malaysia and the US. But when her time neared for retirement, she was faced with some decisions. She wanted to retire early because of severe arthritis, but had to consider health care and other costs for retiring comfortably. In 2004, Maggy visited her sister Sally in Thailand. Dr. Sally Lam-Phoon was then the Education Director, and Maggy, having only been to the Bangkok campus, was truly captivated by the natural beauty of Muak Lek, and the sophistication of the main campus. She had a wonderful visit, and during that time, the seed was planted for where her ideal location for retirement would be.

Shortly after her visit, Maggy's sister called her saying there was some land for sale nearby the main campus. After talking with a financial advisor and some thought, Maggy Pariani took the steps to buy land and build a home in Thailand. In 2005, she talked with her sister and friends at Asia-Pacific, and they helped her pick out the plot of land. She trusted her sister's judgement, and she trusted God had a plan for her retirement. She started to sketch and coordinate with a local Thai architect. With excitement, she designed her dream home. Friends and family anxiously questioned her about the certainty of her decision, but Maggy felt confident that God was leading and had peace.

Looking back on it, Maggy Pariani realized how amazing it was that she had no fear or apprehension in moving to Thailand to retire. And what's more, God's timing was perfect. She was able to sell her US home even though the real estate market was falling, and built her new home at a good exchange rate. When she purchased her land, Maggy made the decision to will her home to the university. For foreigners in Thailand, land ownership laws are a challenge. However, friends from the university helped her through this process. Maggy shared that, “God has blessed me so much in life, and I just want to share the blessings. It's amazing how the more you give, the more you receive.”

Maggy Pariani's philosophies for life were more than just ideas or words — but how she lived her life. Her trust in God, grateful heart and positive attitude all contributed to her wonderful personality. Maggy's hope was for future generations and our university was to develop holistically — spiritually, mentally, socially. That God would help us realize our responsibility to Him and to each other. Maggy said, “People often quote Ghandi saying, 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' But in a way it's true. God has created us in His image, and as we move to the restoring of His image within us, then our lights can truly shine.”

For Asia-Pacific International University and our community, Maggy Pariani was truly a light and an inspiration. We're grateful for her beautiful gift and pray that her spirit of giving would be kindled in many others.



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Surprise in My Mailbox, by Maggy Pariani

Maggy Pariani was a lover of animals. She believed that God asked her to protect the little birds and other animals that came her way.  Maggy wrote a book that documented her personal experience with a family of bulbul birds. She took many pictures of the birds as they grew in her mailbox.




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