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    Asia-Pacific International University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution. As a Christian university, we encourage strong moral principles and a close relationship with God. We celebrate the diversity of faiths represented at Asia-Pacific International University and respect the differences of persuasion that are present. We believe in a holistic approach to life that balances mind, body and spirit in such a way that students are fully prepared to serve the world when they finish their studies.

    Educational Philosophy & Objectives

    Educational Philosophy Statement

    A core understanding is that education is concerned not only with a preparation for this life but also for the future life and therefore must embrace the harmonious, holistic development of the intellectual, social, physical, as well as the spiritual dimensions of each individual. It is a philosophy grounded in an understanding of the nature of reality as a created universe. In this world-view, the origins of human existence and experience trace back to God who created and sustains the universe and who is the ultimate source of knowledge, goodness and beauty.

    Central to this understanding are the convictions:

    • That each individual is of inestimable value and is uniquely gifted with powers of intelligence, creativity and moral awareness that reflect those of the Creator
    • That human nature and experience has been marred resulting in suffering, a sense of brokenness and alienation from self, others, the world and from God
    • That each individual finds meaning through developing self-understanding, social relationships, and the cultivation of the spiritual dimensions of life.

    Based on these presuppositions, an Adventist university education therefore seeks to provide:

    • An environment where the rich traditions of intellectual enquiry, academic excellence and cultural life are maintained
    • A program where the importance of values and the ethical foundations of one’s personal and professional life are emphasised, and
    • An experience that fosters personal, intellectual and spiritual growth and provides an opportunity to encounter the meaning and implications of Christian faith.

    Asia-Pacific International University believes that offering such an education in the context of a nurturing community of enquiry, faith and concern provides opportunity for the individual student to find personal wholeness and a preparation for service to others and for the betterment of society.

    Statement of Objectives

    Arising from this philosophical framework, the specific objectives of Asia-Pacific International University  are:

    1. To develop an international academic community widely recognized for its excellence in teaching and research in major academic disciplines.

    2. To provide high quality training in the professions and to maximise the employment and career prospects of its graduates.

    3. To facilitate in students the mastery of cognitive skills of critical reasoning, independent thinking, reflective judgment, communication and creativity as students encounter social, economic and political issues in their society.

     4. To provide, through its teaching, curriculum and pastoral care, for the holistic education of its students.

    5. To encourage in students an appreciation for excellence and beauty and the seeking of timeless values and principles in art, drama, film and music and to foster a commitment to the enhancement and preservation of the best in culture in all its diversity.

    6. To provide opportunities for students to develop socio-emotional maturity that will enable them to be effective, contributing members of families, groups, and communities in a pluralistic society.

    7. To assist students in developing an appreciation for the dignity of labour and attaining knowledge-based competencies essential for productive citizenship, leadership and service in an increasingly complex global society and to empower students to take responsibility for their own well-being through a health-promoting lifestyle.

    8. To provide a welcoming and supportive university environment for people of all religious faiths and backgrounds.

    9. To create a safe, nurturing community of faith in which students may grow in the development of personal faith while having the opportunity to integrate into their lives, Christian beliefs and values and the opportunity for experiencing the joy of service and goodwill to others.

    10. To support the role and the work of founding organization in Southeast Asia by training people for service in such areas as business leadership and administration, teaching, health care, pastoral ministry, counseling and welfare support.

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