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General information

Nursing Faculty, Mission College was estrablished from nursing school of Bangkok Adventist Hospital by Seventh-day Adventist missionaries in 1941. At that time, our learing institute offerred bilingual program and accepted students from other countries such as Philippines, Singapore, Malasia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Our graduates have always been serving the society efficiently in both central and rural area by working for government and private organizations here in Thailand and other countries. Further more, many of them also continue their education in graduate and post graduate level in Thailand and other countries.

Faculty of Nursing started offering Thai program baccalaureate degree in Nursing Science since 1986 and was accredited from the Ministry of University Affairs since 1989. In addition, the office of the Civil Service Commissioner has certified the degree for all of our graduates.

Asia-Pacific International University is a unique place that has the atmosphere of Seventh-day Adventist Christian learning environment. We are a true international college which has faculty members, students, and staffs from many nationalities around the world. Our students have the advantage of exposing themselves to many languages and cultures. They are well equipped to be a qualified graduates, have an ethical awareness, and follow the professional code of conduct that enables them to serve efficiently in the society and be a good citizen of the nation.


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