The Faculty of Information Technology successfully carried out an academic service project titled Short Video Clip Production Training at Thairat Witthaya School in Muak Lek district on November 3 and 4, 2020. The academic service was coordinated by Mr Sebastián Moraga and Mr Phaneendra Puppala.

During 2020-2021 the Faculty of Information Technology is committed to support Thairat Wittaya School who requested a first training on these topics.

This academic activity aimed to not only give benefits to the community, but also to strengthen moral and ethics in students, encourage students and full-time faculty members to participate in serving the community, and bring technological knowledge to the local community.

The Faculty of Information Technology is grateful of the five (5) IT students that kindly participated as trainers in the event: Brandon Bendah, Dan Kazimoto, Musonda Kankomba, Sila Waleesila, and Vichhagar Nhin.