Jesus and the End Time

Ben Acosta, a Junior Theology student, invited the audience to see God’s loving character not only in John 3:16 but also in the end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

“This morning the speaker, Mr Roel Ben Dancel Acosta, described how the enormous power of God’s non-coercive love will be revealed in the last days of earth’s history. When Jesus’ personal love for each of us, as displayed in His self-sacrificing life and death (John 3.16) is recognized and appreciated, it becomes a more potent motivating power than fear or force. His love empowers His disciples to take the gospel to all parts of the world (Matthew 24.14), and not abandon their trust in Him even when Satan provokes his followers to oppose or persecute them. Though living through end-time events may be an unpleasant experience, God’s unfailing love provides hope, protection and comfort throughout the turmoil. The program concluded with an uplifting rendition of Your Grace Still Amazes Me, sung by the AIU Filipino Club. Jesus exemplifies how God’s agape love, the most unstoppable force in the universe, extends to and will transform the life of each member of the human family who accepts Him as Savior and Lord.”

Dr. Wayne Hamra 
Principal Lecturer , Faculty of Business Administration

“As the end times are drawing near, we as Adventists, are being tested whether we truly know Jesus as the true revelation of God’s character. To be honest, I am scared of the things that would take place at the end-times. But then, I felt peace when Ben shared this quote: “God’s purpose in revealing end-time events is not to scare us, but to prepare us; not to freak us out, but to pull us in; not to impose anxiety upon us, but to generate hope and peace within us.” I was deeply comforted. To add to that, we have a Savior who holds unconditional love for each one of us. Jesus came to this world to show us God’s true character, which is love. He loves us so much that he went through the extent of sacrificing His life so that we may receive salvation when we accept Him as our personal Savior. But everyone has to make a decision, to either violate the principles of the Bible and save our lives to men just to gain freedom or to stand faithful for the freedom we will find in God.I made my choice to take a stand in God’s love.”

Ms. Chrystal Uohna Naltan
Junior Student – Faculty of Arts and Humanities