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Asia-Pacific International University represents a union of three institutions: Southeast Asia Union College, Singapore (roots to 1905), Bangkok Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing (roots to 1941) and Mission College, Muak Lek Campus (established 1988).


Adventist education in Singapore commenced in 1905. The small school quickly became a training school (Eastern Training School) and in 1915 adopted the name Singapore Training School. By 1958 College status had been achieved and in 1984, the College began offering fully accredited American degree programs through an affiliation with Walla Walla College, Washington, USA. By the mid 1990s the College’s offerings had grown to include Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Office Administration, Religion and the Teaching of English as a Second Language.

In 1996, further development was suspended when the Singapore Government announced its intention to expropriate the College property for a major urban transport development project. By July 1998 all college activities ceased in Singapore and moveable assets were either sold or transferred to Muak Lek, Thailand. 

The New Institution: A Union of Three Institutions

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The new international institution based at Muak Lek was constructed after it was certain the College in Singapore would close. The new institution combined the quality of the international programs of Southeast Asia Union College and retained and developed the Thai programs operated by Mission College, Muak Lek, and became responsible for continuing the nursing program in Bangkok. In January 1997 the development of the new facilities and academic programs commenced with much urgency. The first new degree following an international type curriculum received government approval in early 1999 and by early 2001 the College was able to offer a further eight international majors officially approved by the Ministry of University Affairs. By July 2002 the last of the building developments and the extensive campus landscaping work had been completed.

It was natural for the institution to seek university status following its success in attracting international students. This success was recognized in 2005 on receipt of the Prime Minister’s Export Award. University status was achieved in 2009.

Mission College: School of Nursing

The first attempts to initiate a School of Nursing in Bangkok occurred in 1941 in connection with the establishment of the Bangkok Mission Clinic. The out-break of hostilities in the Southeast Asia region during World War II, however, led to the evacuation of overseas medical personnel after a few months and the project was suspended. In 1947 the School of Nursing was opened on the Bangkok Sanitarium and Hospital compound on Pitsanulok Road. The School grew and by 1986 a four year tertiary level baccalaureate degree was offered in Nursing Science. College status was achieved in the same year. By 2000, the School had graduated over 1,000 nurses.

Mission College: Muak Lek Campus

In 1988 a branch campus of Mission College in Bangkok was opened in Muak Lek in order to train Thai Adventist youth; the institution also incorporated the Thailand Adventist Seminary, which for some years had been providing a non-accredited ministerial training program. Academically sound four-year degree curricula in Accounting, Management and English language were approved by the Ministry of University Affairs in 1993. The campus celebrated its first graduation in 1994.


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