I am the Bread of Life

Jesus’ affirmation, “I am the Bread of Life” was deeply looked into by Jeffienus Juas, a junior theology student who challenged the audience to see Christ as the only one capable of taking away the hunger and thirst of the human soul.

“The speaker’s last words were “When you eat this spiritual bread you will have satisfaction”. As I listened to these words, my mind connected to the thoughts that he had shared earlier: Eating is a basic human need. Eating bread, in many cultures, is a basic, daily, practice. The seed of thought that was planted in my head was this: “Yes, eating the spiritual bread will give me satisfaction, but in order to be continually satisfied, I need to eat, chew and digest God’s Word daily. I was encouraged. Lately, I have been experiencing days when I have been too discouraged to be in the Word, but Jeff reminded me that if I eat the bread of life daily, I will be satisfied. Praise Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.”

Dr. Maxine Newell
Lecturer – Faculty of Science

“As students, we have different commitments and carry different loads from time to time. This semester, I am taking 17 credits with three commitments and three positions to hold. It is indeed a hectic semester for me. Sometimes, I feel like I want to give up and just go back home because I can’t bear the pressure and stress. Only now did I realize that the reason why I’m feeling stressed is because I am lacking something: the Word of God. Today’s lesson gives a gentle reminder to all of us that we cannot live without Him, and without His Word our life will be a total mess. No matter how busy we are as students, let us always find time to “eat the bread of life” daily and never be too busy for it because God is never too busy for us.”

Ms. Angell William
Junior Student – Faculty of Arts and Humanities