Jesus is the Resurrection & the Life

After explaining the hard-to-grasp concept of resurrection, Loh Zhi Yong, a senior student at the Faculty of Education, directed everyone’s attention to John 11 as the biblical evidence for believing that “Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.”

“The verse in John 11:25 is still ringing in my head “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” What a promise! A beautiful assurance of hope that there is a glorious resurrection morning in Christ. Thanks to Mr. Loh Zhi Yong for speaking about resurrection and life which can only be found from the life-giver, Jesus.   Jesus, the Lord of life, is not bound by the power of death, and His resurrection seals His victory over death for our sake. Jesus has given us firm hope that He will raise us, too, from death. What a comforting promise we have in Jesus as the resurrection and life, eternal life. Yes, knowing the power of the resurrection gives us the strength to live without fear of tomorrow. May God give us that power today, the power that can only be found in Jesus, not from the Cryopreservation.”

Mr. Naltan Lampadan
Dean, Faculty of Education

“The seventh session was about the resurrection and Jesus. The speaker, Loh Zhi Yong, showed illustrative examples or stories to help the audience understand the resurrection. The resurrection could only happen after one had died. So from life, one would experience death and then would be given another chance to have life. Humans longed to be able to be resurrected to life or to restore life but have not been successful until this year. He shared a story of a 23-year old lady who gathered money for her cryopreservation after hearing that she had no chance of living any longer due to a certain disease. After her death, her body was placed in a cold dark place with no assurance that she could be resurrected. Is there any hope than something so unsure and dark? The wonderful thing is that Jesus offered a promise that human power could not give—resurrection with eternal life in paradise. Jesus said in John 14:2,” In my Father’s house are many mansions…I go to prepare a place for you.” In addition to that, the verse in John 3:16 tells that it is possible to have eternal life for those who believe in Him. It is such a blessed assurance to have a warm happy life with Jesus than to take hope in a cold lonely cryopreservation tube.”

Ms. Sofia Julienne Pliego Nebres
Sophomore, Faculty of Arts and Humanities