Jesus Second Coming

In a world where people are confused by false prophets who pretend to be Jesus, we can trust the Bible and learn from it the way in which Christ will come back to rescue those that believe in Him. This was Anusha Kavinda’s message of hope in the last session of the Festival of Faith Week.

Title of the sermon: “The King Returns” There are hundreds of people proclaiming to be Christ. They try to impersonate Christ and are able t fool people and have a number of followers. The 2nd coming of Jesus marks the end of the world. We need to understand this event so that we may be ready in heart and not be confused with imposters. the Bible is clear in teaching us of how Jesus is going to come. The 2nd coming of Christ is going to be literally, audible, and musical. Verses to read from the Bible that remark his 2nd coming: Revelation 1:7; 1 Thessalonians 4:16. The 2nd coming is going to be loud. Signs of the Second Coming are found in Matthew 24:6-8; 2nd Timothy 3:1-4. The 2nd coming will be similar to the times of Noah and the flood. The 2nd coming is both present and a futuristic event. Futuristic: Christ is going to come down with from heaven. Present: we don’t know when Jesus is going to come, but we are going to be judged on the life span we have lived. Everything we do points to the 2nd coming, every event leads to the 2nd coming. Our final destination is the 2nd coming. Jesus wants us to live a daily life with an expectation of the 2nd coming. We have to choose whether we want to expect the 2nd.

Mr. Rovel Royce Salibio
Intership, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

On the last session of Festival of Faith, I was sad because it has come to an end, but I feel so blessed by the Word of God that has touched my soul that is longing for the truth. This program has given me a big impact to me spiritually, especially the last session. I can feel that the Holy Spirit is talking to me as I listened to every sermon. The topic on the last session was “Jesus’ Second Coming”, which reminds me that, Jesus is coming soon to this sinful world. I realize that I’m still enjoying myself to the worldly things that me far away from Him and I need to make a change in my life especially in my spiritual life, so I can prepare myself for His second coming. This program also has comforted and healed my broken soul that has experienced painful moments during the past week. I would like to express my gratitude to the Almighty God that has given me the privilege to attend this program which has given me the strength that I need in my spiritual battle. I really hope and pray that, other people that had attended the program also feel blessed, just like I do.

Ms. Gracena Stevenie Jos
Junior Student – Faculty of Arts and Humanities