About the Dean

Dr Elvin Walemba earned his BSc in Zoology from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya, and an MSc by Research at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton, England after which he worked in the UK for a number of years before joining the Faculty of Science at the then Mission College, Thailand. After a few years at Mission College, Dr. Walemba went to Loma Linda University, USA for a PhD Biology. Dr. Walemba’s area(s) of expertise include Nanomaterial Synthesis, Characterization and their Biological Application, and interests in Hemostasis, Platelet Biology, and Oral Microbiology. He has over 15 years of combined teaching, research and administrative experience in England, Thailand and the USA. Dr. Walemba’s other research interests include emerging infectious diseases, microbial infection/contamination and control, and science education.

Meet the Dean

Faculty of Science


Welcome to Faculty of Science webpage. If you are on this page, it means you are interested to know more about Biosciences at AIU. If you are considering a degree prepares you for graduate school in the biomedical, environmental, or health sciences, this is the place for you.

AIU Faculty of Science provides instruction in the Biosciences with majors in Biology, Clinical Lab Science, and Community Public Health.

The Biology emphasis is great for those interested in Medicine, Dentistry, Bio-Engineering, or other biomedical related careers. We have a strong foundational program that is broad enough to cover the most commonly required courses for Pre-Med and Pre-Dentistry and thus prepares you for transfer to colleges and universities where one can pursue those studies further. Our graduates can go on to become bio-medical researchers, research & development laboratory technicians, or even general science teacher at elementary or high school.

Our Clinical Lab Science major is for those who have decided they want to work in a lab setting. This includes in research labs in academia, industry, or public sector. Our collaborations with other institutions and hospitals helps prepare students for the ever-challenging work of diagnostics and research.

Our major in Public Health is for those who are interested in community health rather than clinical practice careers. This major prepares you for health work with government departments, private institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Graduates can pursue careers as health educators, environmental health practitioners or epidemiologists.

Our faculty, staff, and students are a diverse and multicultural group who will make your educational and social experience exceptional. I am confident that you will enjoy your time at AIU and obtain a wonderful, world-class education with us. Along with my faculty and staff, I am committed to ensuring every student’s experience is a positive and fulfilling one. I invite you to browse our website, explore our academic offerings get in touch. We would also love for you to come to our campus and meet with me, my faculty or even students to answer any of your questions. Let us know how we at AIU Faculty of Science can help you achieve your dreams.


Elvin Walemba, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Science
Asia-Pacific International University