Asia Pacific International University is an academic community rooted in Christian spirituality within the framework of Adventist educational system. The expressions of our commitment to Christian education through academic venue is polycentric since we represent over 30 countries with many cultural subtexts. It is from this rich multi-cultural and multi-perspectives that we gather in this university striving to educate the next generation, helping them realize that beyond job security there is a world in need of healing. Holistic education is one of the primary focuses of the university and hence we seek to create an environment that provide a safe, nurturing and challenging condition for the pursuit of holistic education. Our academic programs prepare students for vocations in anticipation of the future, equipping them with knowledge, intellectual capacity, life skills, spiritual strength, emotional resiliency, and critical differentiation ability. Our qualified faculty members from around the world are committed to quality education while taking interest in the personal growth of each student recognizing the importance of journeying along with students as they grapple with life and social issues through the lens of various academic disciplines. At AIU, education is more than the acquisition of knowledge and skills. It is an experience in itself.

Siroj Sorajjakool, PhD
President, Asia Pacific International University
Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand