AIU’s Annual “Run for Health + Help” 2023

Once again, on November 5, 2023, AIU's Mission Faculty of Nursing (MFON) orchestrated a successful "Mission Run for Health + Help" on an exciting Sunday morning. In collaboration with AIU's marketing department and Hope Channel, this event aimed to promote health and...

AIU shows gratitude to its educators in Wai Kru Day Event

Wai Kru Day in Thailand is a teacher's appreciation event regularly held at the beginning of an academic year in most schools in Thailand, and AIU is no different, with its Wai Kru celebration held on the 24th August 2023 at the Kiti-Tassanee auditorium.  This year's...

EIP’s First Departmental Assembly of the 2023-2024 Academic Year

AIU’s departmental assembly fell on the 31st of August, with students gathering at their respective faculties and departments of study at 9 AM in different locations around the campus. EIP club members gathered at IT228, including the new students, marking their first...

FAH Welcome Back Party

English International Program Welcome Back Party The EIP Welcome Back Party was a strong reminder of what we had been missing over the past two years. It was the first face-to-face party, with everyone present on campus, since the Covid-19 pandemic. The party took...

All faculty members and staff at Asia-Pacific have a genuine interest in helping their students. They don’t only limit their duties to the classroom. Here, students are taught to grow in different ways, not just academically, but teachers educate us to also have good personalities, to prepare us for our lives in the outside world.

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