The Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FAH) includes both International (English)-medium and Thai programs at Asia-Pacific International University.

Through its quality-assured programs and courses, our FAH is committed to equip students academically with professional hands-on training and character building. This training prepares our English majors for diverse careers and selfless service in a multilingual and multicultural world. The Faculty of Arts & Humanities is designed to cater to these modern needs.

Our qualified, experienced and caring teachers are dynamic lecturers and researchers from varied cultural backgrounds
+ Our curriculum inherently includes numerous practical projects, together with a 240-hours internship/150-hours field practicum
Our department activities integrate Christian values and principles, which serve as a training ground for students to exercise leadership, discipline, good character and personal faith.

All faculty members and staff at Asia-Pacific have a genuine interest in helping their students. They don’t only limit their duties to the classroom. Here, students are taught to grow in different ways, not just academically, but teachers educate us to also have good personalities, to prepare us for our lives in the outside world.

Thanapawn NiamHom


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