The Milne Heritage Room

The Milne Heritage Room houses items such as publications of the works and contributions of local missions and missionaries to the church and society in the Southeast Asia Union region, which comprises the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Milne Heritage Room stores pictures, artifacts, manuscripts, etc., that may serve as valuable resources for future reference. Some of these materials have been digitized and are available upon request.

Please contact Mrs. Duangjai Wongsate at her office, 2nd floor at the library, or email her at for assistance.



Duangjai Wongsate

Faculty of Business Administration


Research TitleAuthor
The Relationship Between Perceived Value, Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Behavioral Intention On Lazada Application Users In BangkokSunny Durve
Selected Service Quality Factors That Influence The Satisfaction Of Public Land Transport Users In BangkokPiyanut Ekwiriyaton
The Effect of Marketing Mix Components On School Image At Tenghilan Adventist Elementary School, SabahJasmine Johnny
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Pattern Of Corporate Philanthropy Shown By Selected Publicly Listed Companies In MalaysiaHeljony Bin Merudin
The Relationship Between Perceived Distinctive Competencies And Student Satisfaction In Private Higher Education Institutions: The Case Of Asia-Pacific International University (AIU)Haydn Golden
Sunplus Accounting Software And User SatisfactionGuechchou Ly
Impact Of Employee Benefits And Intrinsic Motivation On Employee Commitment To Adventist Organizations In LaosChanthakho Phanthakesone
Financial Statement Quality And Internal Control: Issues, Reasons, And Solutions Among Adventist Schools In Sabah, MalaysiaBinggol Bin Marajang
Denominational Financial Policy Compliance And Internal Control Management Effective Practices Among Adventist Schools In Thailand: Recommendations And SuggestionsCatherine Chulkasate
Organization and Parental Perceptions of Electronic Payments by Selected Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) International Schools in ThailandChalermsri Ritthitraiphop
An Assessment of Employee Perceptions of Select Organizational Climate Factors at Schools Operated by the Thailand Adventist MissionGavin Keith Hibbert
Working Capital and Profitability Performance: Evidence from Mining Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock ExchangeFranky Mantiri
Perception of Piracy and Copyright of Intellectual Property in VietnamTran Vo Chi Hieu
Determinants of Housing Price: The Case of BucaramangaJohn Bueno
Financial Ratio Analysis of Selected Seventh-Day Adventist Tertiary Educational Institutions in Southeast AsiaNarumon Kaewduang
Factors Related to the Capital Structure of Colombian Listed Companies in the Industrial SectorPaola Suarez
Relationship Between Budget Participation, Budget Procedural Fairness, and Department Director’s/Budget Manager’s Activities: A Study of Asia-Pacific International UniversityRey Mom
Factors Affecting Student Decisions to Study at Asia-Pacific International UniversitySajaporn Sankham
Employee’s Perception of Effectiveness of Motivation Programmes For Regular Workers of Asia-Pacific International UniversitySorawit Chaiphisit
Conflict Management Practices of Seventh-Day Adventist Church Members at the Workplace in ThailandThitaree Sirikulpat
Influence of Selected Manufacturing Firm Characteristics on Choice of Inventory Costing MethodsSupanya Suvannasing
Covid-19: Perceptions of How Fewer Foreign Tourists Have Affected Small Restaurant Operations on Yaowarat Road (ถนนเยาวราช), BangkokPham Nguyet Thao
Facebook Integration and its Measurement of Success for Fundraising Activities by Private International Universities in ThailandDiana Riesenberger
Learning Experiences from Selected Adventist Entrepreneurs in ThailandPhattharawadi Satongchue

Faculty of Education


Research TitleAuthor
Integration of Faith and Learning at a Seventh-day Adventist University in Buddhist ThailandDarrin Thomas
The Relationship Between Students’ Perception of Procedural Justice and Academic DishonestyChomphunut Phutikettrkit
The Effects of Using Particle Diagrams on the Conceptual Understanding of Stoichiometry of Students at Adventist International Mission SchoolFaridah
The Perceptions of Premarital Sex Among StudentsHansel Teo Sze Yong
University Students’ Perceptions of Korean Wave, and its Impact on their Views of KoreaHye Sung Park
The Influence of Active Learning Method in Class on Academic Achievement Among Students at Asia-Pacific International University, Saraburi, ThailandPimloporn Sanitchai
Correlation Between Students’ Perceived Creativity and Academic Achievement in International High School in ThailandKitasha Jingru Li
Teacher’s Perception of Coherence in High School Biology Textbooks in ZambiaKwangaika Mwala Sinjela
The Effect of Parental Support on Academic Performance Among Students at Asia-Pacific International UniversityLinda Wong Siew Yieng
Classroom Assessments: A Relationship Study of English Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices in SeychellesMarie-Mai Ntep
Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among High School Teachers in the Maela Refugee Camp, ThailandNaw Marvel Thawda
The Influence Attitudes Towards the List of Storytelling, Songs, and Video Clips on the Academic Motivation to Learn English Among English Major Students at Shjiazhuang University, Heibei Province, ChinaMeichun Zhou
Factors that Impacts Teacher’s Commitment in International Institutions in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamNgo Hoang Tu My
Homeschooling Among Families Living in Thailand: Exploring Experiences Through a Phenomenological ApporachNellah Laing Pedragosa
Students’ Perception of Active Learning Instructional Strategies and Academic Self-Efficacy Among Students at Asia-Pacific International University, Saraburi, ThailandOrathai Phothiyu
Determining Strategies Used by Parents in Thailand to Discipline their Teenagers and Young People’s Perspectives on Parenting StylesPiamporn Yangkullawat
Language Learning Strategies, E-Learning Self-Efficacy, and Academic Dishonesty Among International Students at Asia-Pacific International UniversityRoger Oconnor Valenzuela
Teacher Feedback: Studens’ Perceptions and Preferences and their Relationship to Academic Performance on Learning at an International School in ThailandRojean Marcia
Reading Habits and their Influence on Academic Achievement Among Students at Asia-Pacific International University, ThailandSasikala Balan
Students’ English Proficiency and Motivation at Asia-Pacific International University Thai ProgramsSomporn Khajornpop
The Effect of Extensive Reading on Thai Students’ Reading Comprehension to Learning English as a Foreign LanguageSopheak Sek
Thai Students’ Motivation to Speak English Outside the Classroom at Asia-Pacific International UniversitySuwanee Lansri
Learning English Experiences of Ten High School Students in China: A Qualitative StudyLi Tianhang
A Correlation Study Between Learning Strategy, Learning Anxiety, and Learning Motivation Among Junior High School Students in Anyang, ChinaJiao Ziyi