Hi, my name is Anoosara Aksornpim or you can call me Orh. I graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in the year 2018. Currently, I am a teacher at Neeracha Suksa School, Bangkok, teaching IEP (Intensive English Program). My 4 years as a student in AIU are my most precious moments because I was able to gain many things: Love, care, friendship between students and teachers, and the most important is my knowledge in English that helped me in my job.

Though our university is pretty small, it has much potential. Our university is surrounded by students and teachers from foreign countries.  This provides a good opportunity to practice our English. From someone who knows very little English, now I am an English teacher all thanks to Asia-Pacific International University.

Lastly, to all my juniors, don’t forget to use every moment at the university to be worthwhile. Participate in different activities. Now, we might think that these activities are not related to our studies but believe me, participating in those activities would teach us many lessons that are not taught in the classrooms and which will also help in your future.