The Welcome Back Party for the first semester of 2018-2019 was organized by the Student Council. The event took place on Sunday evening (August 19) from 17:30-21:00 in the Kiti-Tasanee auditorium. As they entered the auditorium, students signed their names on a list and received differently colored ribbons which they could exchange for food. The main features of the event were the singing and dance performances by school clubs. Performers included Chinese club, Myanmar Club, Indonesian Club, and Malaysian Club. Various independent groups also performed.

After a break in the middle at 19:00, the Student Council opened the food booths outside, serving Pad Thai, Basil Tofu, soft-serve ice-cream, cake, and drinks. Four photo booths were set up inside the auditorium for the guests to take photos. The performances resumed again at 20:00, and continued until the end of the event at 21:00.

One of the organizers, Nan Ray Shi, said, “No matter how tired I was, in the end it’s all worth it! Whenever I saw people taking pictures at the photo booths, I smiled like my mouth was hanging in my ears.”