Written by Lauraricka Brenda Benjamin

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities (FAH) organized a sharing session with Ms Chanunya Klamthong, a Class of 2017 alumna, who is currently working as a cabin crew for Qatar Airways, a 5-star international airline carrier. Ms Chanunya, who has a Bachelor’s degree in English with the Business emphasis, shared her experience preparing for a career after graduating.

Ms Chanunya emphasized the importance of making a resume as perfect as possible. “The interviewer took only 5 to 7 seconds to glance at my resume, and then we proceeded with the interview.”

She added, “We need to prepare ourselves to work in a multi-cultural work environment. Learn how to work in a team effectively and always be open-minded. Most of all, you need to know yourself and keep yourself motivated.”

During her years in Asia-Pacific, Chanunya shared that she developed her social confidence by talking with people in class. She said that the multi-cultural student body exposed her to the diversity in the workplace.  Another advice that Ms Chanunya shared was, “Professionalism is not just how you dress; it’s also your attitude.”

Truong Hai Yen, a senior, commented, “The session is very useful because she presented ideas [on how to prepare] for a job. She also emphasized the right mindset and attitude when communication with people.”