Written by Lauraricka Brenda Benjamin

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the Faculty of Education & Psychology hosted a seminar entitled: “The Ideal Educational System: Learning from the Finnish Modern Education.” Education alumna, Mrs Rada Jutrakul was the speaker of the session. University faculty, staff, and students, as well as faculty from Adventist International Middle School (AIMS) attended this special seminar.

The topics covered included: the purpose of education, teaching methods and approaches, subject lesson and curriculum, and standardized quality. Mrs. Rada highlighted that the Finnish educational system emphasized students to be prepared for life instead of tests. “Education is a service,” she added.

Crystal Steven shared, “I like that the speaker shared how Finnish educational system doesn’t have exams. They prepare students to master what they learn, instead of simply memorizing for exams.”

Tracy Kim commented, “As a future teacher, we should always improve ourselves and learn new things. I learned something new today.”

Mrs Rada expressed how she felt welcome at her alma mater, and that she was happy to meet her teachers. “My teachers are like my second parents,” she shared. “While I was talking in front, I saw familiar faces. It was nice to be the one giving a talk to my teachers instead of the other way around.” She added, “I feel very excited for everyone who will graduate and make use of what they have determined to do, including all the training and practice that they have learned. It will really make a difference when they go out and teach.”

Mrs Rada Jutrakul graduated in 2014 from the Faculty of Education and Psychology. She continued to pursue a Master’s degree in Learning, Education, and Technology from the University of Oulu, Finland.