Last weekend, August 24 to 25, 2018, was a special time for the Faculty of Religious Studies (FRS) as they had a Spiritual Retreat and Commitment Services designated for the Theology Club officers, 3 A.M. Club officers, Koinonia Ministry and the department students. The two-day retreat took place at the Fellowship Hall on the first day, and the Mission Health Promotion Center on the second day.

Carrying the theme “Renew, Revive, Rebuilt”, the purpose of the spiritual retreat was to help and encourage students and leaders to commit their selves to God’s work as the new semester begins. Dr Alfredo Agustin, FRS dean, acknowledged that FRS students constantly face challenges to keep up and fulfill responsibilities in different ministries, which are quite demanding. “Our students really need strength, determination, and spiritual power to effectively accomplish these tasks.”

True to the theme of the retreat, the attendees indeed felt spiritually energized and ready to work in God’s field. The much-needed retreat could not have come at a better time. “It’s good to have this program in the early semester,” commented Racheal Pang, senior FRS student. “It refreshes our mind and heart with the words of God to begin our new academic year.”

In the retreat, the group discussions garnered much interest among the students. For Anusha Kavinda Bulathsinhala, a junior FRS student, the group discussions, particularly in personal Bible study, made a deep impression in him. “A pastor should not be too busy doing God’s work and neglecting God. Rather, he should be busy with God first, and then do God’s work.”

Dr Agustin added, “I believe that the Spiritual Retreat and Commitment Services helped these students to be renewed, revived, and rebuild, knowing that the source of power is an intimate relationship with Jesus.”