Written by Lauraricka Brenda Benjamin

The Intramural Sports Games (Week 3) continued on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9, 2018. The Muak Lek Broncos and Singapore Lions competed in basketball and volleyball games. The Muak Lek Broncos female basketball team won against the Singapore Lions (18-23), while the male basketball games resulted with the Singapore Lions winning against the Muak Lek Broncos (51-43). At the female volleyball game, Muak Lek Broncos beat Singapore Lion 60-58. But the Singapore Lions claimed back a team win over the Muak Lek Broncos in the male volleyball game (50-30).

The rainy Sunday did not stop the football match that evening. It was a draw game between Muak Lek Broncos and Singapore Lions female football game. Nan Lin Tanda Aye, a player for Singapore Lion female football team, said, “We are not really good in football but we played our best, and we had fun!”

Meanwhile, the male football game saw the Muak Lek broncos win over the Singapore Lions (5-3). Axworthy Terrence, Muak Lek Broncos male football captain shared, “Even though it was raining, my team was excited to play and we enjoyed the game.”