by Lauraricka Brenda Benjamin

The Intramural Sports officially began last Sunday, September 2, 2018 with an Opening Ceremony at the football field. This year, the Intramural Sports program activities will be held on weekends throughout the entire school year. This new format supports the philosophy of holistic education. It also promotes health and fitness as a year-long activity rather than just something that happens once a year. At the opening ceremony, Munshya Saini (Student Council Sports Officer) carried the Intramurals Flame leading the house representatives — Wong Yi Hong (Singapore Lions), Ben Acosta (Bangkok Elephants), and Axworthy Terrence (Muak Lek Broncos) — around the field. The flame was passed to Mr Garth Hibbert, Vice President for Student Administration, who then lit the Intramural Cauldron.

Mr Garth then gave the opening remarks. He reminded everyone that the Intramurals are organized to not only encourage physical development, but to also form meaningful relationships and forge cross-cultural understanding among the students.

The Intramural Sports program will be an ongoing program throughout the year. These sports will be held every Saturday and Sunday evening, and the activities will alternate between football, basketball and volleyball.