Ten students and four faculty sponsors from Taiwan Adventist College visited Asia-Pacific International University Muak Lek campus last weekend. The group arrived on Friday afternoon, August 24, 2018, and was later toured around the campus buildings. Most of them were visiting the campus for the very first time. “The campus is so beautiful and spacious!” exclaimed the visitors. The group was also impressed by the University facilities, such as the well-equipped classrooms, Student Lounge, and the library. Dr Kuah Kah Eng, one of the faculty sponsors of the group, was amazed at how much the campus has progressed from the last time he visited. “[Asia-Pacific] has a first-world campus facility”. The visitors also spent the night on campus, and attended the Sabbath services at the Kiti-Tasanee Auditorium and the University Church.











The group continues their journey to Bangkok where they are participating in the 2018 ASI Asia-Pacific Business Plan Competition held in the Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok.